A Village Fair

A village fair is an annual gathering of people held on some religious festivals or on the Bengali New Year’s day. It is a festive occasion for the village people. It is a centre of joy and merriment of the village people.

A village fair is generally held in an open space on the bank of river or in the yard of mosque or temple. Temporary stalls are made in a fair. Some fair last for one day and some last for several days.

The gathering of a village fair includes all section of the village people. The artisans, the weavers, the farmers come with their goods. Traders in all sorts of things come to the village fair from far and near.

Fancy goods, toys, dolls, ribbons, whistles, flutes, cosmetics, sweetmeat, furniture, utensils etc. are mostly available in a village fair. Rural artisans and craftsmen display various articles. Children buy toys, dolls, flutes and enjoy themselves. Boys buy kites and fly them. Young girls buy churis and cosmetics. Grown up people buy things of house-hold needs. But everybody buys sweetmeat.

The village fair is a sort of exhibition of cottage industries. Rural artisans and craftsmen make many useful things at home. These kind of handicrafts are displayed in the fair and sold to the people.

A village fair brings excitement, joys and pleasures for the villagers. It also gives impetus to rural art and craft. A village fair gives village people an opportunity to get away from their monotonous life,

But the village fair is not from defects. Its bad sanitation often causes outbreak of epidemics. Gambling in the fair tends to tell upon the morality of the village people.

A village fair is a part of our culture. It presents glimpse of our rural life. It is, no doubt, a good recreation for the village people.