Female Education In Bangladesh

” If you educate a man,you educate a man. If you educate a women,you educate a nation”.

Female are almost half of the total population of Bangladesh. Their intellectual, psychological and moral levels influence the whole nation to a great extent. As a result female education in Bangladesh is given importance for her national growth and development. But the scenario is not so satisfactory.

In our family and social life, the female play a very vital role. As mothers, sisters and housewives, their function is highly important. They give the children primary academic education and moral lesson. The mental make- up, nature, behavior, moral values, character, personality- everything of the children largely depend on the knowledge and skills of the female. Even the health and treatment of the family members are also largely dependent on their care and consciousness. Actually female are the key factors in the family life.

A woman has a significant role as a citizen in the state as well. She has to know her rights, privileges and duties. If she gets education, she can prove her worth.

In our society women are mostly neglected. They are deprived in every shape of our life. If they get education, they will feel themselves powerful and nobody can deprive them.

Government of Bangladesh has taken some positive steps to promote female education and has made female education and has made female education free upto HSC level. To encourage female folk in education they are even special quota in jobs.

Apart from these, media are playing praiseworthy role to promote female education. A day will come in Bangladesh when all females go hand in hand with men in every sector.