Population Problem In Bangladesh


The rapid growing population in Bangladesh is burning  question of today. It has created difficulties in every sphere of life. As it is a social problem, we have to solve it for the sake of our existence.

Bangladesh is a small country with the density of population of 1926 per square mile according to the census-of 1987 whereas in the USA it is about 41 per square mile. Bangladesh occupies the 8th   position among the countries of the world in respect of population. Her growth rate of population is 1.37%.  If this growth rate continues, the population of Bangladesh will be double within the next thirty years.

There are many causes of rapid growth of population. The growth of population in the country is the result of two main variables-the birth rate death rate. There are large  difference  between the two rate, that’s why the growth of population is high. Climatic influence, superstition, and poverty are some of the main causes of high rate of birth.

It creates problems of food, clothing, housing, health, education and other spheres of life. If this population explosion is not checked immediately, people will have make their houses in agricultural land and forest and they will have to starve.

A family must not consist of more than two children. Early marriage must be totally banned. Our womenfolk must be made aware of better and prosperous life. Then only we can get rid of this problem.