Rural Development is important for national development

Rural development means the development of the villages. Bangladesh is a land of villages. So, prosperity of the country depends on the welfare of the villages.

Our villages are under developed though they are the heart of the country. Communication is not as developed as we need. Illiteracy is a problem. People do not know about health and sanitation. They on agriculture. But they do not know how to cultivate scientifically. There are many poor and landless farmers. They live from hand to mouth. People do not have income generating projects to work. So the pace of rural development is very slow. The remotest village areas of the country are very backward in all respects. The government of the country is aware of this situation. So a lot of steps have been taken for development. Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP), Palli Biddutoayan, Grameen Bank. Village Co-operatives are some of the projects by the Govt. Some NGO’s are implementing some projects for or rural development and poverty alleviation.

Our unemployed people should have training for self-employment. They should be helped and financed for fish cultivation or other activities for earning. Our women should be made educated. The should have
vocational training.

Bang1adesh means rural lands or a land of villages. Only urban development will not give us real prosperity of the country without rural development. We should give attention to cottage industries. Bangladesh has an agro-based economy. The farmers are the hub of this economy. So, we must improve their lot for our rural development.