Spring in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of infinite charm, light and shade. She is the darling child of nature. She is rich in flowers, rich is vegetation, rich in light and rich in colors. The blue sky, the green fields, the yellow corns have an unending fascination for all. There are six seasons in Bangladesh . These are summer, rainy season, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. Each season has its own charm and beauty.

The spring is the season I like best. It is the prince of seasons. The spring is the symbol of youth and color. It is the symbol of life. It comes with the message of hope and joy. Our country seems to laugh with the coming of spring. The trees and plants are adorned with leaves, new buds and flowers. The country side becomes beautiful. The nature wears a charming look.

The spring in Bangladesh comes for a short time. After winter, the spring makes its appearance. The spring in Bangladesh consists of the months of Falgoon and Chattra. During the winter, nature becomes dull and dry. The country shivers in cold. The trees and plants become bare of leaves. But the nature take a new look with the advent of spring. The sky become blue. The south west wind begins to blow. It cools and refreshes the nature.

The spring is the season of flowers. The trees become full of flowers of varied color and fragrance. Many kinds of flowers like roses, Kamini, Bakul, Beli And Rajonigandha become especially graceful during spring. The mango trees are in flower. The weather is soothing and pleasing. It is neither hot nor cold and becomes really very pleasant to move in  the morning and in the evening.


In Bangladesh, the spring if full of songs of birds. The sweet melody of the cuckoos comes out. The cuckoo hides it self in the leaves of the trees and sing coo-coo. The other birds sing sweet in this time. The bees make the humming with sound and flies from flower to flower in search of honey. The times of this season are resounded with the sweet songs of birds.

The spring is the season when everybody’s mind is change and felt a new feeling. The mind wants to escape from present atmosphere. The trees are also changed with new leaves. The whole nature becomes new. Particularly this season influences us very deeply.This gives us a philosophical out look. We are lost for some times.

In Fine, the spring becomes more prominent in Bangladesh. Fields are full of golden corns. Trees and plants become lively. There is joy and animation every where. But this season is very short lived. This shortness of the season perhaps is the cause of the best liking, The greeneries take a special view.Really the country becomes rich in color and verities during the spring. This is why, I like this season very much.