The person i admire most

A person of good qualities is admired by all and sundry. Such a person is selfless and dedicated to the cause of humanity. The person I admire most is A K Faziul Huq. He was a dedicated worker of humanity.
A K FazIul Huq came of a noble family of Chakhar, Barisal on September 26, 1873. He was a bright student. He received his early education at school and college with distinction. I love and admire him specially for his patriotism and noble work. He was a friend to the poor. Both the Hindus and the Muslims loved him equally. But he did much for the Muslims.
In undivided Bengal, the majority of the Muslims were poor. They were in debt to Hindu Mahajans. The poor section of people were exploited by Zaminders. A K Faziul Huq came forward to rescue them. He formed a party called “Krishak Praja Party.” He set up the “Debt Settlement Board”. This organization saved Muslim farmers and others from Talukdars and Zaminders. He set up the Calcutta Islamia College too. He was not communal. The poor Hindus were also benefited by him. He had, in fact, a great soul.


We learn much from the deeds of A K Faziul Huq. We are all grateful to him He rendered unlimited services for us. These are the reasons why I admire A K Faziul Huq most.