University Admission Is Too Competitive

Present age is the age of competition. And competition is on the rise in every sector of life with the growth of population. In the education sector, especially admission in a university is the most competitive at present. There are some reasons behind this great competition.
Firstly, in our country population is growing fast. In comparison to it, educational institutions especially the number of universities is not increasing. In some limited public universities, the number of seats is limited and a vast number of students after passing HSC examination appear at the highly competitive admission test. It has been noticed that fifty or more students compete for a seat Dhaka University. Though it is surprising, it is the reality in the context of our university admission.
Secondly, students study prescribed syllabuses or books to pass their public examinations. By studying hard, they make a glories result. There is no fault with them up to this extent. But when they go to appear at the university admission test, they have to face different types of questions to which their academic education has very little connection. Actually, the question paper of university admission test embraces a great range of subjects or a great variety of knowledge. To face this exam, students have to read a lot. This special of the question paper makes the admission test highly competitive. And to cope with this difficult situation created by this vast number of students, university teachers take recourse to such queer processes as make admission question paper extremely difficult.