Blood Donation

Blood donation is a humanitarian Act . It is one of the noblest and greatest donation a man can make. In the books of medical science it is written that the lifespan of a red blood cell is only 120 days. So , a person can easily donate blood in every 4 months without causing any problem to his/her health. Donation of blood improves the health status of the person because his/her donation of blood makes a positive impact on the production of new blood cells. So, a person who is healthy and weighs over 50kg can easily donate blood and help the patients to be cured. Blood donation program is still at the primary stage in our country. But it is a matter of great regret that each year a good number of people die due to lack of fresh and pure blood. It occurs only for luck of motivation. So, every people should donate blood whenever a person needs . The slogan of today should be “please donate blood and help others save their lives.” Blood donation is a great necessity. But nowadays people with a bad intention are using blood in an ill way. Steps should be taken to encourage people so that they feel motivated to donate blood to save many lives.