Folk Music/Art in Bangladesh

Folk music is a music that belongs to a Community and that are not influenced by any sophisticated music rules or any standard music styles. Folk music includes both religious and secular songs. The history of This type of music composition can be traded back in third century between BC during the Gupta dynasty. Generation of rural poets; composers created enormous tradition Bangla folk music. Most of the folk songs are composed based on rural people, culture and environments which differ from region to region in Bangladesh. It has a great variety in Bangladesh. They are Bhatiyali, Bhawaiya, Baul, spritual song, Jarigan, Sarigan, Murshidi etc. Bangladesh has a good number of instruments of her own. They are Dotara, Dhole, Bhasi, Mandira,Khajani, Hari, Kumkum and Zara etc. Some famous singers have made the folk musk popular among the people of Bangladesh. They are Shiraj Saiah, Lalon shah, Shah Abdul Karim, Hasan Raja, Abbas Uddin‚ Abdul Alim and Radha Roman who are the notable folk singers in Bangladesh. Tribal custom, culture, and life styles have an effect on it. This kind of music may be sung individually or in chorus. At present the condition of folk music in our country is very poor. Nowadays rich traditional folk music is inevitably influenced by western music and culture. So, we should avoid the foreign music. Because we should not neglect our rich traditional folk music. All of us should be come forward to preserve our rich, ancient and significant folk song.