Globalization is all about spreading trade and commerce all over the world via creating a border less market. However, it is apprent that it pays more attention in creating more opportunities for capitalist countries rather than for the developing ones. Similarly, in our modern eon and age it has become an integral part of every country’s structure and moulding.However, it is undenying fact that itv has become the international exchanges of technology, economy, culture, and politics which have increased over the past deacde due to ease of communication and transportation and still going on. There are both advantages and disadvantages for globalization. With the development of hi-tech(High-Technology) communication media and rapid transportation facilities the world has come closer. We can share our joys and sorrows like next door neighbors,it’s likely like a real life via virtual media. Globalization also brings all kinda different customs and norms into our homes through satellite television channels and the Internet. Now, we can enhance our local culture through constant interaction of different cultures and we are becoming able ton preseve our heritage for the future to represent the past in the present. In contrast, In the name of help and co-operation the industrially developed capitalist countries are misusing and using the cheap labor as puppet in poor countries. This is the common fear and menace about the adverse effects of globalization in the countries like ours. .At last it can be denoted as conclusion that globalization is boon for someone on the other hand not so beneficial for someone who are bereft of luxurious amenities.Despite some disadvantages it makes the world very closer and makes it a global village