Bangladesh Rocked By Earthquake

Report on Bangladesh Rocked By Earthquake
Izaz Bin Azam, Staff Reporter, The Daily Star, Dhaka, 21 December, 2016 : At least three persons were killed in Tangil, Bogra and Pabna districts after an earthquake, followed by a shockwave which hit different parts of Bangladesh on Saturday (December 20). The magnitude of the earthquake in Bangladesh was around 4, prof Pranta Ray Chowdhury, former president of Earthquake Society, told The Daily Star.
The dwellers of Dhaka city got panicked and many people jumped off the building and hurt themselves. Several buildings of old Dhaka experienced cracks.
Aysha Rahman, 25, wife of Quder Hoque of Saidpur valliage at Mirzapur Upazila in Tangile, had a heart attack after she rushed out of her house. Doctors declared her “brought dead” when she was taken to hospital.
Hafsa Begum, 55, wife of Ripon Islam died form wall collapse in Bogra, Sidratul khanam, 26, wife of Monjurul Islam, also ran out her house to go nearby road for safety. She suddenly fell and injured. When she was taken to Pabna General Hospital, doctors declared her dead.
Over 200 people were injured across the country when they were coming out of buildings hurriedly.