Children Abuse And Human Trafficking

Report on Children Abuse And Human Trafficking
Izaz Bin Azam, Staff Reporter, The Daily Star, Dhaka, 23 December, 2016 : Human civilization is getting developed day by day, but men’s gradual moral degradation is really a matter of great regret for the conscientious people. The activities of people reveal that men are approaching towards barbarism and cruelty. Nowadays everywhere we see cruelty especially in case of children and women. Poor children have to work in rich men’s houses just to fill their belly. But they are extremely maltreated in these houses. They are cruelly made to do hard work. In case of their making any fault they are beaten, even killed mercilessly. Female children are being raped. Many children are forced to do very risky work. They are not given their due wages. At the same time children and women are being trafficked to many countries. Poor children and young women are mostly victims to this heinous crime. They are stolen or allured in various ways and at last trafficked in secret ways to India, Middle-east countries, Malaysia etc. These activities of the criminals are nothing but the expression of extreme cruelty and barbarism. They are getting morally degraded day by day. Their conscience is getting lost gradually. These criminals should be published in exemplary way.