Food Adulteration In Chittagong

Report on Food Adulteration In Chittagong


Sonia Sharma, Chittagong, Staff Reporter, 17 February 2017: Nowadays, food adulteration has become a serious problem in our country. Even the villages are not free from this problem. Yesterday the mobile court has launched a campaign in Chittagong to bring the food adulterers under the law. The mobile court has found that food adulteration is taking place on a large scale.
Hoteliers are found selling rotten food as a result of which the court fines them taka two thousand each. Generally formalin which is used to preserve the dead body is being mixed with fish and vegetables and it is causing a serious health hazard because of food poisoning.
Many people have been hospitalized because of food poisoning. Food adulteration has taken a serious turn in the locality which needs immediate action failing which the situation will go out of control. The action taken by mobile court is a very temporary measure. The government should chalk out an elaborate program to put an end to food adulteration immediately.